Second Chance Thoroughbreds, Inc.
Second Chance Thoroughbreds, Inc. specializes in retraining and re-homing thoroughbreds both straight off the track and from local at-risk sales ads. Their horses are assessed and given downtime before beginning the retraining process, with all medical and nutritional needs met prior to training. Once in retraining, their thoroughbreds learn to have smoother transitions between gaits and become more balanced at the walk, trot and canter. Horses are introduced to poles and cross rails and eventually graduate to jumping small courses in both indoor and outdoor riding rings. All of their thoroughbreds are adopted under a no racing/no auction/no breeding contract with right of first refusal and are in care for a minimum 30 days before being eligible for adoption. All of the thoroughbreds are kept up to date on shots, worming, hoof trimming, teeth floating, and all maintain an ideal weight. Second Chance Thoroughbred horses are healthy, happy, and loved.
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Second Chance Thoroughbreds, Inc.

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